Spirit of the Line – Book


This book is the product of my endeavours, my attempts to show the everyday magic. The images take you on an imaginary journey from Settle to Carlisle and back again, sometimes you are on the train, sometimes beside it.



A photographic celebration of the Settle-Carlisle Railway, highlighting the everyday magic of the structures, line, views and the people.

The Settle – Carlisle line is often described as one of England’s most scenic railways. Magnificent Victorian engineering enabled the line to be built through the wild and beautiful northern uplands.

Probably more photos have been taken of the Settle – Carlisle than any other line in the UK. Simon Whalley’s photos take a fresh new perspective on this famous railway. Taken throughout the year as photographer in residence, Simon’s photographs show the route in a different light and seek to capture the spirit of the line in today’s world.

This hard cover book is a great gift for anyone who has travelled the line or is thinking of doing so!

Spirit of the Line – Book

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Dimensions 30.0 × 21.0 cm


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